“Tasty... Immel is immense!” - Boston Post Gazette

“Trombone playing like you’ve never heard before.” - Jazz News

“Every once in a while an instrumentalist…comes along; and through his passion, the strength of his belief in himself and the power of his concept, that musician is able to insert himself into the public consciousness. In the world of the trombone, these figures have been few and far between, [Immel’s] result is so sensual, hip and organic it makes one wonder "Where has the trombone been all these years?" – Radio Television Hong Kong

“…a tremendous amount of grace...a truly romantic foundation; …passionate, expressive and moving; … groovy and playful… Immel covers many bases when it comes to genre-jumping and mastering an instrument that has fallen out of mainstream view.” - Pitch Perfect Review

“Don Immel has opened for us a new world, the world of trombone showcasing many musical aspects of this fascinating instrument.” - Smooth Jazz Forum Starportrait

“This is an unusual, unique, exciting, exhilarating album.” - Star Pulse “With his gorgeous tone and incredible range, Don Immel makes a strong case for giving the trombone a second look as the centrepiece of a jazz combo. He commands such a smooth and warm presence with the instrument… creative musical juxtapositions and sophisticated arrangements… This is one of the more outstanding indie jazz releases to come out in recent months.” - Toledo Blade

“Long Way Home … defines [Immel’s] soothing feel and reveals a sense of intimacy with the trombone. The tone is saintly, invoking the ghosts of past masters. The classical texture is by plan, for as you will learn, he is a musician that pulls from all theory and notions. Long Way Home opens attitudes, creativity, and a world of pure expressionism rejuvenated.” - Jazz Review

“Don Immel is single handedly bringing sexy back to the trombone! Quite honestly, I’ve never been more impressed with a recording where trombone is the lead and in fact, let me just say that Long Way Home is one of the most impressive works I’ve heard in 2008… rich and sophisticated… Don’s take on Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta” literally left me speechless the first time I heard it…Long Way Home is phenomenal.” - SmoothJazz.com

“…what sold me was hearing Immel’s gorgeous tone and snazzy, uber-hip arrangements [on] these tracks. The highlights keep on coming. Long Way Home is an eye-opening album showing tremendous range and talent. Immel’s tone is wonderful throughout, warm and rich and full of an understated confidence that lends each arrangement an air of genuine cool. It’s clear to me now why I hung onto this one: this is some fine, fine jazz.” - The Daily Vault

“Immel's trombone playing is first rate. His music evokes potent visual imagery and possesses a persuasive narrative quality.” - Jazz.com “The music is unfailingly melodic and rhythmically interesting. It also sounds like it could have been made 40 years before the release date, but that's no crime in jazz. Immel manages to suggest that the possibilities of both post-bop jazz and his chosen instrument are far from exhausted.” - All Music Guide

”Long Way Home reveals [Immel’s] talent as one of the best trombonists in the world. A joyful music experience.” - Midwest Bk Review

“Poignant… soothing… romantic… Immel’s debut album is first-rate. The way in which Immel is able to demonstrate his musical and technical abilities on an instrument that is not typically at the forefront of a jazz album is outstanding.” - The Celebrity Café

"Rich…enduring… creative and original… you'll find Long Way Home to your liking for the long-term!” - Improvijazzation Nation

“Immel showcases his talents as a world class trombonist who can play equally well in variety of styles. [Long Way Home] is a skilful amalgam of pop, traditional jazz, neo-classical, chill, new age and lounge music. There is something to like here no matter what particular sub genre of jazz you are currently mired in.” - Instrumental Pavilion

“Wow! Let me say it again. Wow!” - Smother.net

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